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golden ballTitle: The Golden Ball and Other Stories

Writer: Agatha Christie

Publisher: St. Martin’s Minotaur Mysteries (2002)

Pages: 288p

Bought at: Reading Lights (IDR 25k)

The Golden Ball consisted of 15 short stories by Agatha Christie, taken from some of her books/short story collections. The first half of the book has funny, humorous short stories, full of surprises, twisted endings and hilarious characters, remind me a bit of Roald Dahl’s writing style.

My favorites include The Girl In The Train, telling a story about George Rowland, who had just been fired by his uncle, and decided to move into a small town, when suddenly he faced an unexpected adventure, involving a mysterious girl, a foreign royal family scandal, and some shady secret letters.

Another favorite is The Golden Ball, which has similar tone with The Girl In The Train (even the main character has the same first name!), but with more romance and a bit of juicy drama. All stories in the first half of the book are light, fun, and have a romantic tone.

The second half of the book, however, has very different tone. Taken mostly from The Hound of Death book, it consisted of supernatural stories, stories with unexplained things, and jaw dropping endings.

I don’t really have a favorite since most of them are pretty creepy and I don’t have the mood to enjoy creepy stories (especially after some heartwarming stories in the first half of the book). But I still remember well The Gypsy, a story about a mysterious gypsy woman who always haunted a poor young man and gave scary premonitions. The Lamp is also stuck in my head because it contained ghost- a child ghost who’d like so much to have a friend. Goosebumps!

It’s a bit weird actually to put very different kind of stories in the same book, especially because half of them are sweet and funny, while the rest are scary and creepy. But I still enjoyed The Golden Ball and other stories, it showed clearly that Agatha Christie was a very fine storyteller, however unusual and surprising the stories are.

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