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Title: The Night Circus

Writer: Erin Morgenstern

Publisher:Doubleday (2011)

Pages: 387 p

Bought at: Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan (IDR 196k)

The circus arrives without warning.

That first sentence in this book caught my heart, and I had a good feeling that this is gonna be a great experience. The story revolves around Le Cirque des Reves, a mysterious circus that only opens at night until dawn. With black and white tents and magical attractions, from house of clouds to a fantastic labyrinth full of strange rooms, from a wishing tree to a pool of tears, this circus is irresistible. Imagine you wander around it and bump into the most wonderful tent – until you found another that is more amazing.

But behind this enchanting circus, there is actually a competition going on between two magicians, a girl named Celia and a guy named Marco. Both of them had already been trained since they were children to face each other, playing in one of the most dangerous games where there will only be one last man standing, with the circus as the stage.

When Celia and Marco fell in love with each other, that’s when the trouble began. Their masters decided to handle the problems – that could cost the young magicians’s lives, as well as the circus’s future.

I really wanted to give this book a 5 star rating. And if my rating was based solely on the description and imaginative ideas behind the circus, I would probably do that without a doubt. Unfortunately, I can’t just ignore the plots. And it’s not as mesmerizing as the setting. The “fierce” competition is not that fierce anyway, a bit slow for a game that said will only have one winner alive at the end. I don’t care much of the main characters either, Celia and Marco are too self centered for me. And somehow their romance reminds me a lot of Twilight (sigh).

I like the other characters more, and I hope the author could explore them deeper. Isobel, the mysterious fortune teller who fell in love with Marco, the redhead twins who were born in the circus at the opening night, and the groupies who are following the circus around the world. They are interesting and have potential to develop into the story, too bad the author wanted to focus more into the love story instead.

I can imagine how Hollywood must be craving to grab the rights for making movie adaptation of this book. And turned out, Summit Entertainment, the company behind Twilight movies, already bought the rights! I think it’s gonna be a great fantasy movie, since I really wanted to be in the circus myself while reading the book. Well, as long as they don’t put KStew or RPatz in the movie, I’m so gonna watch it =D

Anyway, this is a magical book with a so-so story, and I think this book’s cover will become one of my favorites this year. The so-so story makes the book lost one star from me. But I do hope the author will make a sequel or spin off with the side characters, it will be interesting. However, this is a remarkable first novel by the young author, and I’m sure we’ll here more of her!