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Title: Ford County: Stories

Writer: John Grisham

Publisher: Dell Mass Market Export Edition (2010)

Pages: 340 p

Bought at:Periplus Soekarno Hatta Airport (Rp 90000)

John Grisham is a master of storytelling. And although I didn’t always agree with this statement, I have to admit that he is indeed a master in storytelling, at least in his new book, Ford County.

If you are a fan of Grisham’s novels, you definitely know the famous setting of his books: Ford County. A small town in the south with population of only ten thousand people, and several well known characters (like the famous Harry Rex, for example). We are once again brought to this place, even though the characters of the seven short stories in this book were totally new.

Like usual, Grisham could bring the best of his imaginative world. The characters are real, some are likable and some are very annoying (in a good way), and the stories will make you crave for more. Grisham knows how to slip humour in the middle of a thrilling story. Oh, it’s a work of beautiful talent!

One of my favorites is “Fish Files”, where a poor and unhappy divorce lawyer, Mack Stafford, got a call that will change his life forever. The other great story is “Quiet Haven”, about a stalker who hunts his victims in a retirement home. Sometimes, the antagonist is the one who we accidentaly fall in love with. And sometimes, what we think is obvious, turned out not so obvious after all.

This book is not for the law-stories lovers. This book is for everybody who loves good stories. And believe me, you will crave for more after you finish all the seven stories in this book.

I also read this book as a part of Twenty Ten Challenge, for New in 2010 category. (Ohh…I’m catching up now!)