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Just to spice up things a bit in the middle of the year (when I usually had my worst reading slump), I decided to participate in Popsugar Summer Reading Challenge. This is an intermezzo from the regular challenge and will be on until early or mid September.

I don’t think I will finish the whole challenge (but I still targeted to finish the regular challenge by the end of this year!!), so I just read on and take it easy with this challenge. Most of the prompts are fun anyway and I do have some in my TBR list. So… let’s do it and enjoy the summer months wherever you are! 🙂

  1. A book with “summer” in the title
  2. A book with a summer drink or cocktail on the cover
  3. A book that takes place in your favorite (or dream) summer destination
  4. A book about a vacation
  5. A book with an LGBTQ+ protagonist
  6. A book with an item you’d find at the beach in the title
  7. A book with a body of water or pool on the cover
  8. A book set at the resort or hotel
  9. A book with release date in June, July, or August of any year
  10. A summer-set thriller
  11. A book involving a summer romance
  12. A book about Black history in America
  13. A scary book you’d read around a camp fire
  14. A book that takes place during the summer before high school or college
  15. A book that takes place in a beach town
  16. A book with “sun”,”sand”, or “waves” in the title
  17. A book with sunglasses on the cover
  18. A book about camping or summer camp
  19. A book classified as a “beach read”
  20. A book that makes you nostalgic for summer (rereads welcome)