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NPR memoirTitle: Neil Patrick Harris Choose Your Own Autobiography

Writer: Neil Patrick Harris

Publisher/Edition: Crown Archetype First Edition (2014)

Pages: 294p

Bought at: Kinokuniya Nge Ann City (SGD 44.95)

Who doesn’t love Neil Patrick Harris (NPH)? From his cute acting as a genius prodigy, Doogie Howser, MD, to his most legen (wait for it) dary role, Barney Stinson, he never stopped to amaze me. And while his hosting the most current Academy Awards had got various reviews, I considered him to be pretty successful in that area, too.

NPH is a talented artist (he can act, sing, dance, perform magic, and even write), and the way he wrote his autobiography captured his unique and witty personality really well.

NPH admitted that he loved the “Choose Your Own Adventures” series when he was a kid, and he was inspired to write his autobiography in similar way. Guess what? I love the series too, Neil! So I hoped you wouldn’t disappoint me 🙂

Turned out, NPH didn’t disappoint me. This is one of the most daring, honest, and fun autobiography I’ve ever read so far. NPH told his life story, starting from his childhood as a kid from New Mexico who discovered his own talent and passion since a very young age, and have a very supportive family. After that, he is honestly telling his ups and downs- from the successful Doogie Howser to some flop B-movies.

How it felt to live as a child celebrity in Hollywood, how he developed his talents into many things, how he (almost) never refused any challenges coming his way (Challenge Accepted!!)- from magic tricks to Broadway performance to hosting various award shows. He had some failures, learned some lessons, made another mistake, and kept on growing. I can’t help but admiring him more and more.

Another issue that NPH tackled is about his self discovery as a gay man in Hollywood, from the early denial until he met with his soulmate, David Burtka. It’s funny to read how NPH still can’t believe that he is now in the famous Elton John’s circle.

His sense of humor is wonderful, especially when he made fun of himself, and -afterwards- tried to turn the table by doing some humble-brags 🙂 Some of the endings are fictional, but will make you genuinely laughing out loud or widely cringing. You can’t help but trying all the juicy, suspicious options at the end of each chapter.

Here are some examples:

If, despite Barney’s perpetual youth, you want to get older, turn to page 280.

If, despite Barney’s lady-killer status, you want to get gay, turn to page 78.


Or this one:

To hear from Barney Stinson, go on to the next page.

To kill someone, turn to page 165.


NPH is one of the most versatile, successful artists in our time, and he is successfully captured his rich life into this funny, memorable book.

If you want to have a great time with NPH, read this book! (I can lend you if you’d like to)

If you just want to snore with another boring book, please choose other biography 🙂

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