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Sometimes, when I opened my social media timeline, I was overwhelmed with so many news about books and bookish world. New books, unexpected bestsellers, books turned into movies, writers going berserk… etc, etc.

Since early this year, I have heard some very exciting news about international book world. And so I won’t forget about those news, I decided to write some of them here, for my reference in the future.

So here they are!

Neverwhere Sequel


I love Neil Gaiman and his quirky imagination, and Neverwhere is one of his best works, in my opinion. (And that reminds me.. I haven’t reviewed that book yet, perhaps a rereading opportunity?) So I was very ecstatic when I heard that Gaiman is now working for his next book – that is a sequel of Neverwhere!!! It feels like having birthday and Christmas simultaneously šŸ˜€ The book title is “The Seven Sisters”, and it is inspired by Gaiman’s work with UNHCR – so there will be some refugee topics covered in the book, I guess. When is this book going to be released? Well… Gaiman hasn’t given a date yet. But… he said he is now into his third chapter – so we can expect this to come out soon!

Tom Hanks’s Short Story Collections


I’ve always been a fan of Tom Hanks. From his cute romcom in the 90s to his more serious movies (that led to Oscars nominations and award), Tom Hanks is one of the most prominent Hollywood members who never had too much drama in order to stay afloat in the crazy entertainment world. But now.. I’m more excited to see him working in another format- book! He never wrote one before, and this short story collection seems very unique because he used a different typewriter for each of the seventeen stories here. FYI, Hanks is an avid collector of vintage typewriters! How cool is that?Ā Uncommon Type: Some Stories,Ā will be published by Knopf in October this year, Woohoo!

Philip Pullman’s New Trilogy!


Okay, so… I have mixed feelings of HisĀ Dark Materials trilogy – they were good, don’t get me wrong, but felt quite personal since the topic was about God, higher power, religion, etc. (Just realized that I’ve never written their reviews here either! Man, so many rereadings that I must do!) Anyway, Philip Pullman came with a big news this year when he announced that he will publish a new trilogy (yep, not one book but three!) as a follow up to His Dark Materials series, called The Book of Dust. The first book will be released in October (again??) and will revisit the heroine, Lyra Belacqua, who will become the center of the story. Can’t wait!

Dan Brown Tries Again


Yep. I almost gave up with Dan Brown and his ever boring hero, Robert Langdon. But… everytime he announced that he would publish another book, I couldn’t help but feeling excited. Silly me. This October (most favorite month for publishing new books, eh?), Brown will release the latest adventure of Robert Langdon, titledĀ Origin. This book will be published by Doubleday in the U.S., and as usual he interweaves codes, science, art, architecture, history and religion into the story.

The Obamas Book Deal


After one of the most heated auctions in the publishing world, the beloved power couple, Barrack and Michelle Obama, signed a deal with Penguin Random House. Rumor has it that the deal stretched into eight figures (!). There’s no clear statement yet about the type of the book, whether it would be a memoir or other kinds. ButĀ both publisher and the Obamas plan to donateĀ the books and the advances to various charities, including the Obama Foundation.

Wonder, The Movie


As usual, since Hollywood is no longer being original (were they ever?), many movies are adapted from books or novels. But the one I anticipated the most is Wonder (R.J Palacio), the middle-grade novel that told a story about August Pullman, a boy who was born with facial difference. Jacob Tremblay (yeay) and Julia Roberts are starring in this movie, that will be released on April 7. Looking forward!

Game of Thrones Snippet


George R.R. Martin is perhaps becoming the most hated writer now- simply because his fans already waiting for the next installment of Game of Thrones (The Winds of Winter) for almost six years! Well.. he said that heĀ will probablyĀ release the book within this year, but he said the same thing last year so… just expect the least, ok šŸ˜€ But, Martin was indeed working hard on some GoT materials. He plans to releaseĀ Book of SwordsĀ in October (!!), a selection of fifteen short stories set in the world of GoT. Well, maybe it could help to ease some eager fans so they won’t bother him for a while šŸ™‚

Sooo… what do you think? Which news is the most anticipated and exciting for you? One thing I can tell is – 2017 is gonna be a great great year for bookish world. Let’s hope the year will be better in other areas as well šŸ™‚