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snicker of magicTitle: A Snicker of Magic

Writer: Natalie Lloyd

Publisher: Scholastic Inc. (2014)

Pages: 311p

Bought at: Periplus.com (IDR 120k)

It’s been a while since I read a magical, delicious book full of incredible things, from the first page til the last. And A Snicker of Magic is in that category.

This book tells a story about a city called Midnight Gulch, where magic used to linger but a tragedy made the magic gone. One day, Felicity Juniper Pickle‎ moved to that city with her mom and little sister (and their faithful dog). Felicity’s mom has this certain urge to always wandering, never settled in one place, always keep moving.

Felicity has this unique ability to read words from things and people around her. She is very excited when she found the word “Home” among other magical words bubbling from Midnight Gulch. She wonders whether this cute (even though a bit sad) town could be their final home.

Things get more interesting because Felicity -helped by her new (and first) best friend, Jonah- tried to investigate the history of Midnight Gulch: the magical place it used to be, and the tragedy that struck there. She’s very surprised when learning that the history is actually related to her family long time ago, and probably becomes one of the reasons why her mother always wants to wander the world.

Can Felicity solve this problem, bring back the magic to Midnight Gulch, and do all of them before her Mom packs their bags again and take them somewhere new? And most of all, can Felicity finally find a true home for her family?

A Snicker of Magic does have lots of magic inside. This is a debut of Natalie Lloyd and I can tell that she will have many more to come! I love how Lloyd has woven the words to make beautiful sentences here. I also love how she used Felicity’s knack of words to create more wonderful new words, such as spindidly or splendiferous.

Another thing that I love is how Lloyd described the quirky characters of Midnight Gulch and how their stories relate to each other. ‎Even though I’m a bit torn about Felicity’s mom because she’s a bit selfish and self centered, later on I could forgive her after knowing her true story.

And the description of Midnight Gulch- with its delicious ice cream factory- is incredible. Cute, fun and -indeed- magical, Midnight Gulch is the kind of town that will definitely draw me in if it really exists. Another lovely thing is the friendship between Felicity and Jonah – the wunderkind boy in the wheelchair- that exactly what I always looked for in ‎a middle grade book.

All in all, a delightful read- no wonder this book has been bought by Obama when he celebrated the Small Business Saturday last year. Good choice, Mr. President!