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angry birds animalsTitle: Angry Birds Playground: Animals

Editor: Jill Esbaum

Publisher: National Geographic Society (2012)

Pages: 127p

Borrowed at: Library, SDK Penabur 11 Jakarta

Recommended for: Kids 5-10 years old

Since Yofel now has library hour at his school, he brought home a book every week. Our reading together moments are one of my favorite times to spend with him. And since he started to bring back more interesting books each week, I decided to record our reading experience and make a simple review for every book we read together, based on Yofel’s impression and opinion about the book.

Yofel loves to borrow books about animals (dinosaurs in particular), but sometimes he also brought back picture books or storybooks.

For this first edition, we’ve read Angry Birds Playground : Animals, published by The National Geographic Kids. I love this series because it combines funny comical dialogues of the famous game characters from Angry Birds, with knowledge and educational descriptions especially on science topics.

Yofel loves the parts of Angry Birds dialogues so much- he laughed out loud at each joke even though some of them needs translations 🙂

This book told a story about the Pigs (the Birds’s eternal enemies) who stole the eggs of the Angry Birds, and hid them somewhere on Earth. The Angry Birds were panicked and decided impulsively to roam the Earth to find their eggs. There are five habitats that they visited: rain forrest in South America, dessert in North America, Pacific Ocean, Grassland in Tasmania and Tanzania, and Polar both in Arctic and Antarctica. In each habitat, the birds asking questions to the animals about the whereabouts of their eggs. And in this way, the readers were taken to get to know the animals, from Gila Monsters (Yofel’s favorite!) in the dessert, to the Anaconda in Amazon and Leatherback Turtle at the ocean.

The descriptions are funny and light, too, so it won’t be boring for the kids. There are some selected interesting facts to complete the descriptions, and the Angry Birds characters, through their witty dialogues, also added some cute information.

Overall, Yofel loves this book so much and he asked me to read it again one more time from cover to cover XD