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goodbye 2015Happy new year folks!!! I hope you had a wonderful start filled with optimistic thoughts and beloved people.

Before I write about some highlights from 2015, just like the tradition in Books to Share, I would like to apologize for being such a crappy host last year for the Lucky No. 15 Challenge 😦 I will write separately about the challenge in a wrap up post later, but I think I need to apologize before that. Sorry! And thank you all for the participants who were still hanging around until the end. And for those who asked the question – I decided to take a break from Lucky Reading Challenge this year. I think I need a bit of fresh air, rearrange my reading and my life in general- and I hope I could host another challenge next year πŸ™‚

2015 also remarked the first year when I failed all reading challenges that I joined (including my own Lucky No. 15! Shameful, I know). Even I reduce the number of my Goodread Reading Challenge so that I could actually finish it XD

I read most of the books in my Reading Challenge lists, but it turned out I didn’t have enough time and effort to write the review. Yep, I’ve got blogging slump last year – I even skipped some Wishful Wednesday posts – again, apologize for being such a crappy host.

Anyway, luckily I still have found some gems in my reading life – great books that kept reminding me on why I love reading in the first place.

So here they are, my highlights from 2015!

Most it’s getting weirder and weirder and I don’t even know where this book’s going: The Library at Mount Char (Scott Hawkins). Honorable mention: Under The Dome (Stephen King)

Most anticipated book that turned out very meh: The Girl on The Train (Paula Hawkins). Honorable mention: Go Set a Watchman (Harper Lee)

Most wonderful moment with Dame Agatha: Agatha Christie’s Secret Notebooks (John Curran). Honorable mention: Hercule Poirot, The Complete Short Stories (Agatha Christie)

Most beloved classics that I finally could get my hands into: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll). Honorable mention: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum)

Most chilling, this could be real dystopia: Station Eleven (Emily St. John Mandel). Honorable mention: Southern Reach Trilogy (Jeff Vandermeer)

Most I had enough of these authors for a while: Mitch Albom (The First Phone Call From Heaven), James Patterson (Mary, Mary)

Most promising series: Game of Thrones (George R.R. Martin). Honorable mention: The Curiosity House (Lauren Oliver)

Most I hate these characters and I don’t know why they should exist: all characters in The Vacationers (Emma Straub), all characters in Farundell (L.R Fredericks)

Most quirky titles: The Corpse Exhibition (Hassan Blasim). Honorable mention: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (John Le Carre)

I hope you will have a wonderful 2016, and be blessed with more and more great books πŸ™‚



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