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lake of dreamsTitle: The Lake of Dreams

Writer: Kim Edwards

Publisher: Penguin Books (2011)

Pages: 473p

Bought at: Periplus Bazaar FX (IDR 20k, bargain price!)

Lucy Jarrett is at a crossroads in her life: she still can’t accept the fact that her father has died mysteriously a decade earlier, she doesn’t know where her current relationship with her boyfriend Yoshi will take her, and her mother has been in an accident- that finally brings her back to her hometown, The Lake of Dreams.

Lucy leaves behind her worries and her adventures abroad, and tries to find herself in the last place she would ever consider to search: her home.

Back at home, Lucy encounters a secret compartment that leads her to her family’s history and past, that involves the beginning of The Lake of Dreams. Lucy delves into the past, encounters a mysterious church, secret meaning of glass art, eccentric artist, and even her old boyfriend, Keegan. By unearthing the secret of her family and hometown, Lucy tries to find what’s the best for her and her future. And sometimes, the answer about life is not what we think it would be.

I’ve actually read this book quite some time ago but haven’t got a chance to review it. And apparently, this book didn’t leave a strong impression for me, since it’s hard for me to remember what it’s all about. The only thing that I still remember clearly is Yoshi, Lucy’s Japanese- British boyfriend who is so adorable 🙂 Lucy and Yoshi met while they worked for some NGOs in Jakarta, and this little fact sparked my interest quite a bit. Kim Edwards seems to do her research well, because this part of story about Indonesia blended nicely into the book, and feels pretty in touch with the reality.

But the rest of the story is quite so-so. Lucy is too weak for a heroine who has to solve a mystery from long time ago in order to find who she truly is. And although the combination of history, art, and feminist issues are pretty interesting, its execution didn’t go well- they feel a bit flat to me. The setting of The Lake of Dreams- with the massive lake and forgotten past- is a nice touch, with quite vivid details that enlivened the story.

Some parts of the book are pretty slow and make it a bit boring, but luckily the ending (at least) is still appropriate.

So far (for me) Kim Edwards doesn’t live to my expectation yet- but I still have her other book, Memory Keeper’s Daughter in my TBR list, so let’s see if she can impress me more through that one.

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