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book haul

How’s March treated you (in book shopping area)? How many books entered your house last month?

I had such a good month, not too many books (that made me guilty), but still there were some good ones. Here they are:

Group 1

Amazon Gift Card, thank you!

Amazon Gift Card, thank you!

I got an Amazon Gift Card from a Professor who I worked with and just arrived to Indonesia from the US. He gave me $50 card, and I used $25 for books, and $25 for shipping fee, can you believe it? Haha.. Luckily I’ve got some good ones: Wintergirls (Laurie Halse Anderson), Doll Bones (Holly Black, one of the Newbery Honors for 2014), and another cool journal, Q&A – this is a 5 years journal, where you can answer the same questions posted by the journal for five consecutive year, so you can compare your thoughts and feelings during those years. I started quite late so I decided to start this in 2015.

Here’s the inside of the book:


Question for Jan 10: Write down something that inspired you today 🙂

Group 2

Thanks to Book Depository 25-hrs sale, I’ve got many books with very reasonable prices (although still it created damage to my credit card, huhu!)

Bargain books!

Bargain books!

I’ve got Jodi Picoult’s Change of Heart, The Story of The Treasure Seekers by E. Nesbit (love, love the cover!!) and Operation Alphabet by Al Maccuish, a cute English children’s picture book about letters and alphabets.

bookdepo2Another Book Depository catch – The Marvelous Land of Oz (Frank Baum). Now I just have to find the prequel XD

Group 3

Agatha Christie’s bundle part 2, PO from Mbak Maria Hobby Buku.

ac2Group 4

Gifts, presents, freebies!

giftsPeter Nimble (Jonathan Auxier), gift from Gramedia for winning Mbak Maria’s Mystery Reading Challenge (yeay!) and A Prisoner of Birth (Jeffrey Archer) gift from Yes24 for winning their review of the week (that actually had been in October last year, haha, thanks to Joo I finally got my prize).

ac1Another Christie’s – this one for winning Agatha Christie Reading Challenge 🙂 Two graphic novels and one novel (that actually is already in the bundle – this means I have extra copy – maybe giveaway? hmmm). Thanks Mbak Maria for choosing me!

Group 4

This is actually a single book, not belong to any group XD I got it when I visited Aksara Clearance Sale in Plaza Indonesia. Got 50% off for a hardcover copy from one of my favorite writers 🙂 Navigating Early by Clare Vanderpool


Group 6

Buying this for a very special price as a BBI member 🙂 Literature package from Bukukatta. And this is only for IDR 45k!


Best buy of the month!

great expectationWhy this book? Because this is my first Penguin English Library (PEL) book ever 😀 I bought this from The Book Depository, it got lost on its way to my place, I emailed them to ask for replacement, and they actually did it 🙂 Great Expectations is finally made its way to my home 🙂 Thanks TBD for your great service 🙂

Not a bad month for sure 🙂 But hopefully I can reduce my shopping spirit in April. I’m on budget!!! XD