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lucky no14

Welcoming April… People said this is one of the most hopeful months of the year, where the weather is getting nicer and warmer and people are ready for crazy summer plans. Even in the non four seasons country like Indonesia, April is an exciting month since we will have our first round of election. I just wish the weather is getting nicer too, and the rain is not as heavy as the previous months.

I hope everyone is doing well with their challenges. How’s March treated you? How many good books have you encountered and how many have caught your heart? I am sorry I haven’t got a chance to visit all your reviews. But I read some here and there, and of course, still many interesting reviews and new books to put on my wishlist 🙂 Here are some of the highlights from March:

Visit a Country: Tara Road (Maeve Binchy), posted by Indah (Books Dreamland)

walaupun di bagian2 belakang ada secuplik adegan yang membuat gua bisa ‘mengerti’ apa yang dimiliki bernadette yang ngga didapatkan danny dari ria, tetap aja gua ngga mau ‘membenarkan’ tindakan danny yang berselingkuh ituuu..

anywayy.. 4 bintang untuk “tara road”.. simply karena rumah ria itu setingannya di irlandiaa.. huaa.. my dream country! alasan lain karena udah lamaa bangets gua ngga baca cerita romans, apalagi yang in english, jadi bisa menyelesaikan nih buku (tebeell! *cateett* :p) merupakan suatu pencapaian tersendiri buat gua, ahahaha :))

Cover Lust: The Espressologist (Kristina Springer), posted by Afifah (Lady Books)


Saya membeli novel ini karena tertarik dengan covernya dan sinopsisnya. Dalam bayangan saya, saya akan menemukan sosok perempuan berusia minimal 25 tahun yang bekerja sebagai barista. Saya mengira saya akan diberikan kebingungan dari seorang perempuan 25 tahun, tetapi jomblo. Ditambah lagi, saya sedang ingin membaca novel dengan tokoh yang memiliki kisaran umur segitu. Waktu itu, saya masih suka membaca teenlit.

Once Upon a Time: Haiene/ The Sharks (Jens Bjorneboe), posted by Malin (Malin’s Blog of Books)

Written in the 1970s by Jens Bjørneboe, it’s basically a big ol’ metaphor for how the author sees the world in general, and how he’d like the ideal society to be. The ship, with all the disparate crew members from all races and creeds, complete with a rigid class division and a lot of tensions is how he pictures the world. The sharks swimming along side the ship are metaphors for pure greed and thoughtless evil, which is ever present. The mutiny on board as a huge tropical storm is threatening is the revolution that the author clearly feels needs to happen, and the aftermath of the mutiny and the storm is clearly how the author wishes society could become.

Movies vs Books: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (L. Frank Baum), posted by CJ (To Do: Life)


Although there are a few distinct differences between the book & the movie, I feel that I can enjoy both as separate pieces. In my mind, however, the characters all looked like their movie counterparts. I don’t think that detracted from my reading of the tale, though at points I did have to remind myself that the Cowardly Lion is indeed a real lion. I enjoy that in this story, there is no “She woke up and it was all a dream” aspect to it. Oz is very real and the adventures that Dorothy has keep her away from Kansas for quite a long time. And perhaps the most important distinction is that the Wicked Witch’s ruby slippers are actually silver shoes. (Which, lets be honest, makes a lot more sense with her outfit!)


It was interesting to learn more about the wizard Oz, the Emerald City and about the different places in the countries ruled by the witches. This was a very easy read and is perfect if you want a quick getaway to somewhere over the rainbow.

Freebies Time: Saving Francesca (Melina Marchetta), posted by Tammy (Tea Time and Books)

Saya sebetulnya jarang membaca teenlit, malahan kadang memang menghindar genre yang satu ini. Karena dulu, beberapa teenlit yang saya baca itu berkesan cheesy dan biasa saja. Sampai saya baca buku ini.

Well, buku ini sebetulnya buku yang saya temukan di antara tumpukan buku yang tidak saya punya ataupun saya pinjam. Dinoy menitipkannya pada saya untuk nanti dikembalikan ke Mbak Yuska, pemilik aslinya. Nah, karena sayang banget kan kalo bukunya gak dibaca dulu, jadilah saya mulai membacanya… dan menyelesaikannya.


Akhir bukunya seperti yang diharapkan oleh saya. Membuat saya terharu. Bahwa cobaan atau masalah seberat apapun, semua pasti ada jalan keluarnya. Kita jangan pernah putus asa dan kehilangan harapan. Bersyukurlah dengan apa yang kita punya.

Not My Cup of Tea: Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore (Robin Sloan), posted by Margot (Joyfully Retired)

Have you ever known me to read a book containing a dungeon master, programming code and loads of geeky computer stuff. Yes, totally outside my comfort zone, but I picked it up from the library shelf and brought it home to read. You guessed it – I read it because of the title. How cozy to spend a whole book’s reading time in a book store, I thought.

And I was right. I did spend a lot of time in Mr. Penumbra’s quaint little bookstore. However, the bookstore is unlike any other bookstore. First of all, there doesn’t seem to be many customers. It is the Great Recession, but still, the store sits on pricey San Francisco real estate. How is the owner going to pay the rent with just a few customers? The people who do visit the store want the old obscure books, and they seem to be just borrowing them – with permission.

Happy reading, hope you all have a wonderful, warm and shiny April 🙂