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book-kaleidoscope-2013-buttonSo how does a quote become a memorable one? For me, the answer is easy: if I could relate with it, then it becomes memorable. If I could nod my head many times and say “Yes! That is totally true!”, then it becomes memorable. Or if I wanted to drag anyone to read that line after I read it, that means the quote is memorable. And of so many quotes I stumbled this year, these are five most memorable ones:

5. From The Paris Wife (Paula McLain)

“Books could be an incredible adventure. I stayed under my blanket and barely moved, and no one would have guessed how my mind raced and my heart soared with stories.”

Every bookworm could relate with this passage. Being under the blanket and traveling the world. What else can make you do that, except books?

4. From Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (J.K. Rowling)

“It is the unknown we fear when we look upon death and darkness, nothing more.”

Dumbledore, as usual, scored again. Probably he can just sneeze and even his sneeze is memorable 😀 What do humans fear the most? The unknown. That’s why we hate thinking about death, or being in a darkness. Because we are afraid to face the unknown.

3. From Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore (Robin Sloan)

“Walking the stacks in a library, dragging your fingers across the spines — it’s hard not to feel the presence of sleeping spirits.”

Yes, I can feel it. The spirit of the books, every time I hold one in my arms. And trust me, you can’t find it on an e-book ;p

2. From The Cuckoo’s Calling (Robert Galbraith)

“But they had already tried, again and again and again, and always, when the first crashing wave of mutual longing subsided, the ugly wreck of the past lay revealed again, its shadow lying darkly over everything they tried to rebuild.”

One of the things that I could related the most with Cormoran Strike is his feeling for his on-and-off girlfriend. They have a destructive relationship, they keep on hurting each other’s feelings, but still, they can’t let go off one another. Remind me of myself, long long time ago…

1. From Night Film (Marisha Pessl)

“It’s what we chase but never find. It is the mystery of our lives, the understanding that even when we have everything we want it is one day to leave us. It’s the something unseen, the lurking devastation, the darkness that gives our lives dimension.”

Marisha Pessl is probably one of my most favorite authors right now. She can create beautiful sentences without being pretentious. She talked about the mystery of life. The answers that we always look for. The one that keeps go away. The empty feeling. And the non understandable longing, lurking deep inside our hearts, forever.

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