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Yessss, I know, the never ending battles between printed or e-books. Everyone has their own reasons, I guess, so I won’t judge or even justify mine. It’s just a sharing-only-kind-of-post, so please please please don’t take it personally 🙂

I’m a dinosaur (no offense to Yofel, of course :p) if it comes to gadgets. I don’t have fancy Androids or iPhones, and the only reason why I have my Blackberries now is because my mom gave it to me so I could join the family group conversations, and my office gave the other one so I can work 24 hours a day (true story!). I don’t really use all the apps, too. As long as I could connect to the Internet, checking my emails and using the BBM/call options, I’m good.

I never read books in my phone, and even though my mom gave me an iPad, it’s practically used by Yofel to play his games, so I never use it as an e-book reader.

The other reason why I still love printed books more than e-books, is pure nostalgic. I remember the feeling I had when my mom took me to our weekly outing to the bookstores when I was a kid, and how I loved touching, opening, skimming and choosing my treat of the week. I love the smell of bookstores (both the old and new!), and after more than 30 years living and traveling to many places, I can say that bookstores became my homes – whenever I went.

I remember fondly when I lived in the Netherlands and sometimes the homesick was just too much. I rode my bike to the American Bookstore, one of the few English bookstores in Den Haag, and I sat down in the corner attic with a book, snuggle near the heater during the winter days, or sitting besides the open window in the summer days. If I had enough money, I would bring home a book, but if not, that’s fine too, because spending times in the bookstore had already been a treat for me.

Honestly, I just can’t imagine if one day, printed books will be gone, and the only things that you can find when you enter a bookstore are rows and rows of computers where you can order or download your e-books. What a depressing thought. I just hope that at least my kid could grow up surrounded by lovely printed books, like I did before.

The next reason, I think is probably the most snobbish one, so excuse me if I will make you puke 😀 Well, it’s actually pretty simple: I don’t like to buy pirate books – and because I always avoided doing this for printed books, I think I have to do the same with e-books. Original e-books are not as expensive as printed books, but I don’t think I want to spend my dimes to buy a book that can’t even be touched, literally. And buying/downloading a pirated ones are not an option for me. So simply said, printed books are still the only solution 🙂

I actually write this piece because I had a conversation with an old friend yesterday about books. I told him that books are banned as birthday gifts for me this year by my husband – because there are too many of them already in our tiny apartment. My friend said to me that probably it’s the time for me to start reading e-books, it’s more convenient and won’t take too much space. I know that he said that logically. But I just don’t think that it’s for me anyway.

So I said to him: “I will keep reading (and buying, and hoarding :p) printed books until there are none of them left anymore in the world.”

And when the time comes, where there are no more printed books sold in the world? Well, I guess I can consider myself lucky, since I already hoarded so many of them now to spend the rest of my life with 😀

Cheers to printed books!