I was in the middle of a very difficult book (not because the content is hard to understand, but because I don’t like the book so much – the reading experience was killing me, but I had to finish it for a challenge), and I really needed a mood booster.

Thankfully, Mbak Fanda mentioned in her Twitter on Monday that she wanted to do some readathon, especially because Tuesday would be a public holiday in Indonesia. So she planned to read from 7 pm on Monday to 8 pm on Tuesday. I thought it’s kinda cool, and I offered to be her readathon buddy.

So we started to read together – albeit faraway from each other and read totally different books. And it’s really fun! We kept updating each other through SMS every once in a while. Checking our progress and talking a bit about our current reads.

In short, I’ve finally finished A Discovery of Witches (which I loathed so much but feeling grateful I can actually finish it for a reading challenge) – reading the last 143 pages on Monday night.

On Tuesday, I decided to start reading Skippy Dies, a thick book that had been in my shelf for far too long. I read about 30 pages in the morning – then I had to take a break because I had to take Yofel to the doctor ( he had a bad fever), and I continued to read again in the afternoon until evening. I stopped at 8 pm on page 150.

So I read the total of 293 pages (half of it was one of the most difficult moments in my reading experience) during the 24 hours. It’s really worth it, and fun, too, because I knew that somewhere out there Fanda was doing exactly the same thing – reading til our eyes got bleary! 😀

This is a very great Readathon and I thanked Fanda for her wonderful idea. I hope we can do it again one day. Maybe any of you guys care to join? 😀