Lily Evans

Gryffindor Tower


Dear Lily,

It’s been a while since the last time we talked. I still remember when you came home last summer, with your wand and spells and all wizardry thingy, talking about your OWL (not the animal, mind you), and a boy named James – who sounds really arrogant and annoying. It’s as if I don’t know who you are anymore.

Are you still the same Lily who I shared the bed together for more than 10 years?

Are you still the same Lily who always cried on my shoulder everytime the naughty Severus boy bullied you?

Are you still the same Lily, who held my hand every time we crossed the bridge over the river?


I know we are not the best of friends. When we grew up, I realized there were so many differences between you and me. I know that you are the pretty one, with your beautiful green eyes and wonderful smile. You are also the smart one, always been number one in class.

Did I envy you? Was I jealous with you?

Maybe. Sometimes.

But I care about you. I love you. And I hope, at least we could be together until we grew old. Back each other up through thick and thin.

So it was a very dreadful day when the owl (yes, this time indeed the animal) came with that scary letter. From an unknown world that will claim you forever, take you from our very own lives. A world full of strange people, words that I don’t understand, and a bleak future for me. Suddenly I felt very alone. Everybody else seemed so excited with this new opportunity of yours. But not me. I felt scared, lonely and lost. I don’t have that many friends, and this time, the only friend I have, would be taken away from me.

And just as I predicted, from that day on, you were gone. Yes, you still came home for summer or Christmas holidays, but there’s no old Lily I’ve used to know for my whole life. You talked a lot about your new life, while never even asked about mine. I miss my old sister so bad. I miss you, Lily.

I don’t know what’s going to happen in our future, are we going to be like strangers forever? Am I losing my only best friend? Is there any second chance for us?

I wish I could be happy for you, bid you good luck in everything you do. But I’m still too sad, too mad, too afraid to lose you.

I hope one day, I could be the friend that you always count on. But for now… I just want to wait. Wait until you come back.

Love from your (hopefully still and always be) sister,


ps: and how on Earth should I send this letter to you? I think one of your “birds” will come to pick up this letter. Otherwise, i will just bury it in our usual place. Hopefully, one day somebody will read this, and understand my feeling. Not just judging me as the cruel wicked sister I’d always seemed to be now.

pps: this letter is submitted to Hotter Potter June Meme – hosted by Melisa and sponsored by Luna. I have followed Luna Lovegood‘s blog by email: astridfelicia@hotmail.com. Thanks guys!