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summer and the cityTitle: Summer and The City

Writer: Candace Bushnell

Publisher: Balzer + Bray (2012)

Pages: 468p

Bought at: Books and Beyond, Siloam Kebun Jeruk (IDR 85k)

This sequel starts just right after the ending of the first book, The Carrie Diaries. Carrie Bradshaw, a high school graduate from a small town in Connecticut, has her first chance to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. She falls in love at the first sight with New York City, where she sits in a writing class/workshop and taught by a famous writer, Viktor Greene.

Here, Carrie meets many new acquaintances, some of them are going to be her long term friends. There are some guys, obviously, with their own flaws and mysteries, alluring Carrie to a new different world she never thought she could actually live in.

Along the way, Carrie has developed a special friendship with Samantha Jones and Miranda Hobbs, and we get the chance to know more about their past, their families, their lives before NYC, something that never been discussed in Sex and The City series. I understand now why Samantha became the bitch that she is, or why Miranda seemed so rigid all the time. At the end of the book, Carrie made a decision that would change her life forever- and what will become the Carrie Bradshaw we all know from the famous series.

This book is a perfect companion for every SATC fan. It has the answers to the unexplainable questions during the series. Looking through everyone’s past, and also how their friendships were developed, are things I like the most about this book. I also love the fact that Carrie always had a strong taste in fashion and lifestyle, not afraid to wear anything, create something new and different, just the way she does after she becomes a true writer/socialite in Manhattan.

And through this book, we were taken into a journey of love- Carrie’s love for New York City, the Big Apple who will become her future and beloved home. The small secret alleys, the vintage boutiques, the bustling streets, the crazy subways, cool clubs and fancy cafes, together with the underrated restaurants and cozy hang out places. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the city too after reading this book!

PS: Love, love the cover!!


Candace Bushnell is planning to write another book in this series, yeay!

“In the third book, Carrie is 18 and her father won’t give her any money so she has to take crazy odd jobs. This is the kind of thing you had to do back then.”

Let’s hope there will be more of NYC’s craziness, more of Samantha and Miranda dramas, and more developing friendship with Charlotte, who we just met at the end of the 2nd book.

Bushnell admitted that she wrote Carrie’s journeys based on her experience when she was pursuing her dream to become a writer, back in the 80s.