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celebrating-dickens-buttonTo celebrate Dickens’ 201st Anniversary, Fanda from Klasik Fanda hosted a wonderful event, with lots of memes and giveaways along this month. One of them is to post something about me and Dickens =)

To tell you the truth, I’m not a Dickensian. I haven’t even known his works for a long time. But I determine to read more of him. Here’s my confession as a not-yet-Dickensian. Enjoy! Oh, and happy birthday, Sir, thanks for a bunch of amazing books!

My Confession as a (Not Yet) Dickensian

I have to make a terrible confession

I haven’t read many books of Dickens

And I don’t own his great works’ collection

Even though I’ve watched Great Expectations

It’s mainly because I wanted to see the handsome Ethan!

Okay, okay I know I’m a bad bookworm

I’ll pretend that I didn’t see you squirm

But fortunately now I am able to confirm

That last year finally I encountered one of his gems!

Now please give me some time to replay

To one year ago when we celebrated his birthday

Baca Klasik, a cool community that is so gay

Challenged us to read Dickens’ books all the way

I was beyond excited, I was ecstatic!

I couldn’t wait to dig deep into his classics

I chose to read ”The Old Curiosity Shop”

And once I opened the book, I just couldn’t stop!

So that was the beginning of my encounter

With Charles Dickens, the classics master

And maybe I am not a Dickensian yet

But I will be one, I’ll try my best!

I can’t wait to meet with David Copperfield

Or let the Mystery of Edwin Drood revealed

How about peeking inside the Pickwick Papers?

And also following Oliver’s famous adventures!

People said it’s never too late

To enjoy books that are oh so great

So let me cheer and congratulate

Give my respect in a silver plate

Happy birthday to you, Sir, and I just can’t wait

Til we meet again in our next date!

Cheers for more great classics! Pic from here

Cheers for more great classics! Pic from here