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2013Although I had participated in some cool Book Kaleidoscopes this year, I will continue the tradition of this blog to do a short recap for the year that almost passes by. Although 2012 is a very tough year for me personally, it actually brought many good things and memories in the book and reading departments. So here are some highlights of the year. Enjoy!

Most “I wish I read this book in school!” : Lord of The Flies. Honorable mention: Fahrenheit 451


Best tearjerker of the year: Moon Over Manifest. Honorable mention: The Help

Most mind boggling slash goosebump-ing books that make me think a lot: The Last Survivor Trilogy. Honorable mention: The Road


Most “It’s good, but I don’t understand the hype”: The Fault in Our Stars. Honorable mention: The Night Circus

Most “It’s really good, I totally understand the hype!”: The Help

Most “Nerdy is the new cool”: Perks of Being a Wallflower. Honorable mention: Getting the Girl

Most promising blurb that turned out really disappointing: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Most “Please finish the series already, will you?” : Partikel – Supernova

Most I don’t like the way the writer writes although I like the story: The Naked Traveler 4. Honorable mention: Negeri Para Bedebah

Most enjoyable re-read moment: City of the Dreaming Books

Most can’t wait to read the prequel slash sequel: Shadow of The Wind

My most bookish moments: having a new meme (Wishful Wednesday) for this blog, having some successful giveaways and meeting some BBIers in person =)

So how many books have you read this year? How many challenges you finished? How many reviews you’ve written so far? You know what, those things do not really matter. The most important questions are: How much did you enjoy your reading? How many books left their footprints in your heart?

I wish you had a good 2012, and a far far better 2013 =)

Happy new year, folks!