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Before-I-FallTitle: Before I fall

Writer: Lauren Oliver

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton (2010)

Pages: 344p

Rent: ReadingWalk

How does it feel to re-live your last day on Earth over and over again?

Terrible, at least that’s what Samantha Kingston felt when she woke up after she had a car accident the previous night, and realized that she was facing the exact same day! She knew what exactly would happen: Lindsay, her bestfriend will pick her up, they will be a bit late getting to the school, it’s the cupid day so she will receive nine flowers- including one from Rob her boyfriend, and one from Kent her admirer. She will also make fun of Juliet Sykes, the weirdo of their school, by sending her an anonymous flower. Then the party at Kent’s place, and the accident happens at the end of the party.

Sam knew all of that, but she hasn’t prepared of the things she would learn during her “Groundhog Days”. About her family, her bestfriends and all the secret they had, about life as a bully in high school and why popularity is not as important as it seemed, and most of all – about love, about falling in love and realized how little time you had before you said goodbye to your life.

This is a story about second chance, how you can change the life of others simply by changing yourself first. Life is a series of trial and error, and you will never know what’s the best decision sometimes until it is too late. Sam was lucky because she was given a chance to fix things, to say goodbye decently, to enjoy her life to the fullest because she knew that was her last day on Earth.

At first, this book was a little bit slow and easily made me bored. But after half of it, the story started to get exciting, especially when Sam found out about Lindsay’s secret and the story behind Juliet Sykes. Lauren Oliver masterfully put together the pieces of missing puzzle and made me nodding my head in full satisfaction =)

They say that just before you die, your whole life flashes before your eyes, but that’s not how it happens for me. I see only my greatest hits.