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Title: The Carrie Diaries

Writer: Candace Bushnell

Publisher: Balzer + Bray (2010)

Pages: 453p

Bought at: Periplus PBJ (IDR 27,5k: bargain price!)

I love Sex & The City, and I love Carrie Bradshaw. She’s a perfect example of how complicated a woman’s mind is in regards to relationships. But behind her fashionable life as a writer in New York City, we never had a glimpse of her past, her life before the beloved NYC. Why did her parents never show up in New York? Even when she met her happy ending by marrying Big, the love of her life?

Candace Bushnell took us a long way to a small suburban town when Carrie was 17 and still a high school student. We get to know her family, her geeky-scientist dad, her mom who was sick and died quite young, her younger sisters, and how helpless Carrie felt sometimes trying to replace her mom’s roles in her family. And also, there were Carrie’s high school buddies.

Carrie was not a popular girl at high school – but she’s not a truly outsider either. She joined swimming team, had a bunch of close friends, and tried to fulfill her dream to become a writer.

One day, her ordinary days changed when Sebastian Kydd came into their peaceful high school, and Carrie’s world was turning upside down. She learned for the first time about love, importance of friendship, the hurtful betrayal, and how to reach out for her dreams.

This book is a very nice companion for all Sex & The City’s fans, especially those who already missed Carrie. Even though it felt hard sometimes to connect this young Carrie (Bradley was her nickname) to the sophisticated writer/socialite/fashionista who lives in Manhattan, but there were certain things inside her that will never change. Her compassion, curiosity and pure sincerity – the ones that will take her to NYC to become the writer she’s always dreaming about.

The next sequel – Summer in the City – will tell stories about Carrie’s first experience stepping into the jungle called New York City.

The Carrie Diaries has already made into TV series – starring Anna Sophia Robb as the young Carrie. Sadly, this series is not as popular as the famous predecessor. But it’s unfair to compare the two items – like comparing chihuahua with a pitbull =)