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Title: The Associate

Writer: John Grisham

Publisher: Dell (2009)

Pages: 434 p

From Bookmooch

I admire John Grisham. Really, for me, he is one of the most productive authors, with so many best sellers out there. Almost all his books are in the best seller list. And he has so many ideas, stories that could be really different one from another.

The Associate is one of his recent works, published in the midst of his yearly publications. Some people said Grisham lost his charm in his latest books, so I didn’t anticipate that much when I started reading this book. Turned out, Grisham never lost his charm completely. True, The Associate is not as brilliant as his masterpiece, like The Client or A Time To Kill, but it is still appealing, thrilling, and exciting.

Kyle McAvoy, the protagonist of this novel, has a very bright future – unfortunately, this could be destroyed with his not-so-bright past time as a college student. Kyle is now almost graduating from Yale Law School, he is the Editor in Chief of Yale Law Journal, and a basketball coach for the kids in his neighborhood.

Everything seems just in place, until one night, a group of mysterious “thugs” (as Kyle called them), entered his life, bringing back a dark side from his past and threatening to crush his future, unless Kyle does something for them, something illegal. And definitely dangerous.

Facing a dilemma like that, a catch-22 for sure, Kyle is forced to do things that he never imagined to do. Joining a huge law firm only to become a spy for the thugs who threatened him. Trying to smuggle the confidential data outside his office, a very low act that he despised so much. How can he get out of this desperate situation and get his life back?

The Associate reminds me a little of Grisham’s earlier book, The Firm, but with less plot authenticity. The thrill, fast pace plot, complicated conspiracy and giant firms with interesting characters and juicy secrets. It’s all fun, but the ending!! Oh, how I hate the unfinished ending where we were left behind to think and guess without ever knowing the truth. So who are the thugs?? Why torturing your devoted readers, Mr. G?

Fun Fact:

I just realized that some of my favorite authors have the same initial: J.G! So what’s with these two letters? John Grisham, John Green and Jostein Gaarder, to mention a few. Another interesting fact: some of the most famous authors are using J as their first initial: J.K. Rowling, J.R.R Tolkien, J.D. Salinger…So…probably name does really matter. Remember that when you think of the names for your future children =D