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Title: This World We Live In

Writer: Susan Beth Pfeffer

Publisher: Graphia (2010)

Pages: 239 p

Bought at: Kramerbooks & Afterwords – Washington, DC (USD 7,99)

Finally, the last installment of the frightening series, where the moon was hit by asteroid and getting out of its orbit, causing all kind of troubles and disasters on Earth. After knowing Miranda in the first book, and Alex in the second book, now it’s the time that our two main characters finally met.

In this third book, we were taken back to the small town in Pennsylvania, through the diary entries of Miranda Evans. It’s been a year since the asteroid hit the moon and the Earth is slowly dying, coming to an end. Landscapes are frozen and food is increasingly scarce. Miranda’s family is still struggling to live with everything they have. And things are not getting easier when one day, Miranda’s father arrives with his wife, Lisa, their newborn child, Gabriel, and three other strangers.

One of the strangers, a boy named Alex Morales from New York City, becomes friends with Miranda, although in beginning things are a bit rough between them. But Alex has a different plan for him and his sister Julie, that makes Miranda thinks for the first time about leaving her family and starts her own journey.

Is it better to leave and embrace the unknown world, to find anything even though the cost of it is dying or losing her family? Or is it really better to just wait, like her mother said, hope for something better to come, in their cozy little house, even though the food is getting more and more scarce each day?

One faithful day, a bad storm comes to the town, forcing Miranda to make a decision, that could change her life forever, not to mention her whole family’s life.

The last book of this series is not as engaging as the first one, but it’s better than the second one, probably because Miranda is back with her true feelings written in her journals. But somehow I couldn’t really feel the romance and relationship between Miranda and Alex. I remembered when in the first book Miranda was falling in love with Dan, her friend from swimming team, and how their relationship seemed in contrast with the crumbling world. Sad, but sweet.

Unfortunately, I can’t feel the sensation in this book. Too bad, since Miranda/Alex is the main issue in this series, and the writer has spent her time to build their characters and their emotions during the first two books.

This trilogy makes me think a lot about the Earth, this world we live in. How we sometimes took things for granted and not being grateful enough of everyday’s miracle. This kind of book is leaving a lot of stuff to think about, and I truly like it because of that (although there’s still some romance inside, but the whole vibe is more about the Earth, environment, family values and friendship). It’s a bit of fresh air in the middle of dystopian/fantasy-romance with those paranormal stuff.

And you know what? I loveee the cover of these three books.