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Title: Replay

Writer: Ken Grimwood

Publisher: Ufuk Publishing House (2010)

Pages: 532 p

Bought at: Rumah Buku Bandung (IDR 89,900 disc 30%)

What will you do if you are given a chance to re-live your life? Will you consider yourself a lucky person? Jeff Winston had that luxury, not only once, but several times.

Jeff was an unhappy man, with an unhappy job and an unhappy marriage. He died of a heart attack when he was 43 years old. But he’s very surprised when instead of woke up in heaven or hell, he was actually back in his dorm, as an 18 years old boy, with all his dreams still hanging high and opportunities seems never end.

Jeff didn’t know why he experienced this, but he eventually used his knowledge about the future to build a new life, decided to do things differently this time. He tried so hard to make his life better, succeeding in Wall Street, having a child, working on his marriage. But still, after he’s dead for the second time, he started his whole life all over again.

Jeff met so many people, tried many different things, fell in love with many women, while he also tried to solve the puzzle: what’s the meaning of his life? What did he do to deserve these rare opportunities? And who is his true love?

For me, this book is quite advance, considering its publication year (1988). It has an original feeling of fantasy, without being to pretentious. The story is flowing nicely, with a likable enough characters, some intense parts, and a very movie-ish ending. It reminds me a bit of Groundhog Day, Bill Murray’s movie, but of course without the silliness.

And this book has been in my TBR pile for more than a year. Sometimes you never know when you’re going to find treasures inside your bulks, right? =)