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Judul: Where She Went

Penulis: Gayle Forman

Penerbit: Dutton Books (2011)

Halaman:264 p

Borrowed from Dini

It’s been three years since Mia Hall had an accident and lost her family in If I Stay. And it’s been three year since she broke up with his boyfriend, Adam Wilde.

Now Adam has a very successful career with his band, Shooting Star, and his name is among the hot rock stars list around the world. He has a celebrity girlfriend, a tight tour schedule, and paparazzis who follow him everywhere. But is he happy?

Sadly, his heart still feels empty. He doesn’t know why Mia dumped him without a single word. To make it worse, Mia seems to have moved on with her life. She’s a rising star cellist from Juilliard.

They never met with each other, until one fateful night in New York City, in the most “serendipity” circumstances, they finally met. And try to make a crucial decision: mending their broken relationship, or having a final closure.

This book has been written in Adam’s perspective. And honestly, it has more soul than the previous book. Somehow, Gayle Forman could make Adam’s voice and feeling more real than Mia’s. He sounds more sincere, honest, and raw. He can make every reader (female, mostly!) falls in love with him. With his frustration, his craving for answers, his hoping of second chance. Everyone can relate with this situation.

Ow, and to make this book more precious, the New York setting is incredible! (Imagine “One Fine Day” with younger generations, and voila! There’s Adam and Mia.) All in all, I love this book. Not many YA books can make an adult like me (really?I’m an adult now?Hehe) relate to the story so much, but this book did it.