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Title: If I Stay

Writer: Gayle Forman

Publisher:Speak (2009)

Pages: 259 p

Borrowed from Dini
Mia is a high school student with a bright future. She plays cello and has great potential to enter one of the most prestigious music institutions in the country. She has a great family too, parents who understand much about her passion in music, and an adorable younger brother.With a nice bestfriend and a boyfriend who’s crazy for her, her life seems complete.

But on one snowy day, everything changes. Mia and her family are driving to her grandparent’s house when a big truck hits their car. Mia lost her family,but she hasn’t lost her life yet. After the accident, she wakes up outside her body and watches everybody waiting for her to come back. But is it worth it to stay? With her parents and brother gone? With her heart that feels so empty now?

Between her choices (stay, or leave?) Mia trying to remember her life before all of this happens. When she was falling in love with her boyfriend Adam, when she met her bestfriend Kim for the first time. She also remembered how much she learnt from her musical parents. And how much she loved them.

This book makes me think a lot about life and death. About family and friends, and how things could go so unexpectedly sometimes. In my younger days, YA books are simpler, mostly about adventures, teenage love-life or families. But now it’s more complicated. Many books deal with issues about death, dysfunctional families, drugs and even suicide. It takes more maturity to chew them all. To think about it afterward. But I’m glad I read this kind of books (even though I’m no longer a teenager, hehe).

The sequel of this book, Where She Went, already been published. And I can’t wait to find out about the story from Adam’s perspective.