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Title: Catalyst

Writer: Laurie Halse Anderson

Publisher:Viking (2002)

Pages: 232 p

Borrowed from Dini

Meet Kate Malone, a straight-A student, genius in chemistry, a dedicated (minister’s) daughter and a very nice sister, and she is longing to make it to MIT – so very much. Her life seems to be right on track, with high SAT score and best record in her running team. She has a sexy boyfriend, Mitchell Pangborne, who has been admitted early to Harvard, and although they don’t belong to popular crowd, they have their own cool circle. Life is great.

Until one day, Kate’s closest (but not nicest!) neighbor’s house got burnt, and she has to share her bedroom with her lifelong enemy, Teri Litch. That’s when her life seems to slide down and get out of control. Can she make it to MIT? Can she handle Teri and her crazy behavior? Can she be the perfect girl that she’s always been?

Then, another big thing happened that changes Kate’s life forever, and the way she looks at the world. Sometimes we need catalyst, even if that means a tragedy, to open our eyes.

I love the way Anderson wrote this book in the format of Chemistry lessons. And I love the cover, it really suits the book. I can relate much with Kate, although I don’t think I was like her when I was in high school, thank God =D This book made me realize how tough it is living as a teenager in the US. Working as a part timer, applying to ivy leagues and waiting for the acceptance letter while all your friends already been admitted to their dream-colleges. And it’s true, sometimes reality and dream don’t match, and we have to figure out what should we do to keep on moving, to keep on living.

ps: Thanks Dini for borrowing me this great book!