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Title: The Lost Symbol

Writer: Dan Brown

Publisher:Anchor Books (2009)

Pages: 671 p

Bought at:Kinokuniya Grand Indonesia (IDR 85,000; disc 20%)

Robert Langdon faced another ancient mysteries, forgotten symbols, secret society, in the country’s most famous building. When he was summoned to Washington, D.C. to give a lecture, he didn’t have any clue what kind of adventures waiting for him there.

It involved his old friend, a famous man who was a leader in Freemason, a mysterious yet powerful society in America; and a pyramid that could show a path to the Ancient Mysteries. To make it more hectic, a crazy villain was chasing Langdon everywhere, as well as CIA, leading by a bitchy director.

Okay, for non-Dan Brown fans, you better get away from this book. I could see that this would be too much, with the pyramid, secret codes, ancient mysteries, even the tattooed villain. But for Dan Brown community, this one’s for you. All Dan Brown’s formula is here! The chasing scenes, old mysteries and secret codes, all were yummy enough for you to chew, even though sometimes things are a bit out of context, and Langdon could become so boring in a few chapters.

I still can not have a strong opinion about Brown. I loved The Da Vinci Code, for me it was really original and enjoyable read. I even visited Paris just to see the actual places where Langdon had his adventures. I also liked Angels and Demons, and for me, the thrilling factor was even higher than The Da Vinci Code. But for other Dan Brown’s novel, for me all were the same. They had similar plots, predictable characters, and same formulas, including the endings.

The Lost Symbol is actually one of the “rest”. I didn’t really feel the book, other than the excitement and thrill. But lots of writers could write that kind of story, and I missed to read a book with the real Brown factor. Maybe he could just give Langdon a rest for a while and find an interesting replacement for the next books? =)