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Title: Wuthering Heights

Writer: Emily Bronte

Publisher:Vintage, Random House (2008)

Pages: 357 p

Bought at:Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan (IDR 100,000); birthday gift from Rayo!

Wow, it’s been a while since my last post! And I’m so glad that my first review for this new year is the final book for Twenty Ten Challenge! Yeay..it’s about time I complete the challenge, it’s 2011 already!! =)

Wuthering Heights, although a bit thinner than Jane Eyre, is actually a more difficult read for me. The plot is more complicated, the language is more formal, and the point of view is so uncommon, although really original.

The story revolves around two families in a northern village in England. There was a Cathy, a beautiful girl from Earnshaw family. She had to choose between two men in her life: Edgar, a rich and elegant boy from Linton family, and Heathcliff, a mysterious gypsy alike who had been her bestfriend since childhood. The choice Cathy made shaped her future life, and even shaped her daughter’s life, as well as the other next generations of the families.

We can feel the power of passionate and possesive love in this book. And to make it more complicated, this story was told by a housekeeper to his master, who is now living in the house of Lintons. And the master is actually the first person character in this book. Sounds crazy? Try to read it yourself, then you’ll know what I mean =)

Compare to Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights has darker story, with darker characters inside. The plot itself is actually very interesting and original. But for me, it took too much time to be read!

Finally, I completed my Twenty Ten Challenge! I’ll write in separate post to wrap up the challenge. Meanwhile, enjoy 2011, and prepare for more gorgeous books this year =)