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Title: Jane Eyre

Writer: Charlotte Bronte

Publisher:Vintage, Random House (2007)

Pages: 545 p

Bought at:Kinokuniya Plaza Senayan (IDR 100,000); birthday gift from Rayo!

Reading a classic needs a lot of patience. As interesting the story is, we still have to endure the flourishing language and the difficult dialogues. Even the plot is often lengthy. I don’t read classics that much, and that’s why I included Brontes in my Twenty Ten Challenge.

Jane Eyre is not a typical English girl. She has experienced many challenging moments in her life. As an orphan, she lived with her aunt, who didn’t want to have her as a burden in the family. Not to mention her mean, cruel cousins. After ten years living in difficulties, Jane was sent to Lowood, a charity school in a English village. Here, her difficult life didn’t come to an end. Strict rules, corrupt system, and poor environment made Jane’s days there hard and tough. But with her determination and positive attitude, she has made the best of her days, including found friends and created her future path as governess.

Jane went to Thornfield Hall to become a governess for Adele, a sweet little French girl. There she began her adventure as an adult woman, and met her first love of her life: her master, Mr. Rochester. Although she was really happy in that place, there was something really mysterious going on there, involving her master. Midnight terror, dark secrets, in gothic manor as a setting..Delicious!

Jane Eyre is a long story, a bit difficult and boring in some parts, but I can see why this book became a classic. It has all elements needed to be one. Maybe to read it for the second time could be a different challenge, but I’m glad I decided to include this book in my reading challenge.

Now excuse me, I have to catch up my final book for the challenge. Wish me luck! =)