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Title: Monsters of Men

Writer: Patrick Ness

Publisher:Walker Books Ltd (2010)

Pages: 602 p

Bought at:Periplus Plaza Senayan (IDR 99,000, disc 10%)

Finally, the final book of one of the best series I’ve ever read! After the previous reviews of the first two books, I finally finished the series. Monsters of Men is an example of a complete, satisfying final book. It’s action-packed, full paced, and it brought the best and the worst of our beloved characters.

Todd Hewitt, the last boy of Old Prentisstown, is no longer a boy. He’s a full grown up man now, ready to face a battle between humans and Spackle, the native inhabitants of the planet. But Inside, Todd is still the same boy we fell in love with in the first book. He doesn’t like war, and he thought that war makes monsters of men. But he has no other choice (or does he?) but to stand by the Mayor (or President Prentiss) and face the army of Spackle.

The situation is getting more complicated when a scout ship landed in the planet, ready to be followed by 5000 people from the main ship, who will come in the next few weeks. Viola tries hard to explain the situation of the “supposed to be paradise” to her old mates from the ship, Bradley and Simone.

And the war between different interests of the Mayor and Mistress Coyle also started. Politics, mind games, manipulations, tricks, all are played well by both parties. And Todd and Viola are trapped in the middle of it all!

Get ready for some twist plot, unexpected characters and undescribable emotion.

Patrick Ness is simply a master for dystopian young adult genre. And I’m so grateful to bump into his wonderful works. I also read this book as part of Twenty Ten Challenge, for Bad Blogger category. And again, this is the blogger who lured me into the book (and the series as well!)

Ow, and one more good news: You can now get the series in Periplus, since they sell the books (yep, all the three titles!) in relatively cheap price. Go, go get it! =)