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olive kitteridgeJudul: Olive Kitteridge

Pengarang: Elizabeth Strout

Penerbit: Simon & Schuster Inc (2008)

Halaman: 270 p

Beli di: Gramedia Plaza Semanggi (Rp 90.900)

This is my first experience reading a Pulitzer winning book. I haven’t even read The Road or Middlesex yet, although both of them had already been translated into Bahasa. So I was quite surprised when I read Olive Kitteridge. The story is very simple, but deep, and the language is also easy, in a good and beautiful kind of way.

Olive is a retired teacher who lives in a coastal town in Maine. Along 13 short stories in the book, we are taken to see the lives of various people in the small city. We met Henry, Olive’s quiet and nice husband; Christopher, Olive’s son who she protects too much; and many neighbours, including Olive’s former students.

In each story, we could feel the presence of Olive, sometimes in a very strong way, and sometimes only in a slight moment, as a background of the main character’s tale. But still, Olive, in her unique way,  fascinating yet a bit eerie, could see through everyone’s story, deep inside their gloomy hearts.

This book is quite depressing, very dark and sad, but you could be brought right there, imagined yourself living in the beautiful coastal town, with so many sad but interesting people around.

I could say that this is a good first experience for me with Pulitzer book, although while I read in some websites, Olive Kitteridge turned out not becomes the expected winner. Anyway, the price of the book is not expensive also. So I will recommend this to anybody who loves good and dramatic storyline, with beautiful background and memorable character.